The Fanny Hammer

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Affectionately known as The FH, or 'fanny hammer' the third prototype from The Phantom Manufacturing Co. proved to be a winner and went quickly into production. Spontaneous immolation was mostly cured by moving fuel containers away from the hot elements of the engine.

And the perfection of 'the sneezer' put them ahead of most other manufacturers in the fuelling of the engine. This allowed them to focus on power to generate greater speed and climbing ability. After exploring a variety of complex mathematical calculations and metallurgical studies, Erasmus determined that the best course of action would be to 'just make the damned motor bigger!' This was clearly a Eureka moment for the company. The two-litre, single-cylinder engine certainly produced a sufficient quantity of power to terrify even the most foolhardy of riders. And, as the engine was mounted directly to the frame, the vibration alone was enough to shake both rider and machine to pieces after only a short duration, hence the nickname. Numerous short-distance speed records were set by professionals and enthusiasts across these isles riding the Phantom FH model. The quest for speed was now the focus of the company.

There were quite a few FH Phantoms produced. But, as many were run at their limit in high-speed trials, few remain today. Examples of this amazing vintage motorbike are much sought after as a result.

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